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Tarot Passages-- Deck and book reviews and links to just about anything you'd want to know about Tarot

Learning the Tarot--an online course by Joan Bunning

Tarot School--Ruth and Wald's school: instruction live in New York, by phone, online, and through mail

Daughters of  Divination - San Francisco-based organization with international membership presided over by the famous and infamous Thalassa .  Sponsors San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (SF BATS), and other  events.  Publishes The Belfry; Site includes link to the highly recommended  and level-headed  "Certification Rant" by Thalassa. author, teacher, and deck creator. 

The Alchemical Egg--Robert M. Place's site. Info about this visionary artist's decks, books; articles and book excerpts.

Mary K. Greer--renowned author and teacher.

Holly's Rider-Waite Site--Holly Voley's large amount of material on various versions of the Waite-Smith deck, its creators, and other work of Pamela Coleman Smith

Wheel of Change Tarot--Alexandra Genetti's deck and other Genetti creations

Transformational Tarot--Arnell Ando's deck

Crone Ways--Ellen Lorenzi-Prince's wonderful decks.

Circle Ways--where you can find James Wells, Canadian Tarotist extraordinaire.

Flash Silvermoon--creator of Wise Woman's Tarot, teacher of tarot and other intuitive arts. 

Beth Owl's Daughter:--reader and teacher in North Carolina. 

Daughters of the Moon Tarot--Round deck by Ffiona Morgan and friends

Motherpeace Tarot--Round deck by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel

Victoria Regina Tarot--Sarah Ovenall's deck of tarot writings including History of Women's Tarot Timeline, showing the interrelationship between Tarot development and Goddess spirituality, which links to Woman Mother Goddess Tarot Decks, pics of High Priestess, Empress, Temperance, Judgment from a large number of  Goddess/Women-centered decks, both published and yet-to-be published.

Aeclectic-- Images of cards from more than 400 decks, reviews

Tarotpedia--The Online Collaborative Encyclopedia of Tarot. Like Wikipedia, but all about Tarot.

Fool Designs--Judith Laura's Fool from this site displayed on practical products from a Tarot journal, to t-shirts and mugs.

Related Wonders thoughts and feelings shift reality?

Palmistry by Myrna Lou -- psychic-author-entertainer-columnist-speaker-teacher

Mahjongg as Oracle--Site on the game played with illustrated tiles also gives info on symbolism and using the tiles for divination.

Spiritual Connection--Information on channeling and other psychic/intuitive matters; Spirit Find Directory

Golden Aeon-Victorian Occult Drama--"The Historical Golden Dawn & R.R. et A.C." Extensive info on Golden Dawn, Enochian magic, French Rosicrucians, etc.; orginally compiled for Golden Aeon, a live action role-playing drama.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn--multilingual and apparently British site includes Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

The Hermetic Library--includes Golden Dawn Library, the Libri of Aleister Crowley, the Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe, and more

Judith Laura's Studio -- gallery of original Goddess- and Tarot-themed art by Judith Laura on clothing, greeting and note cards, prints and posters--including graphic study aid for Kabbalah re-envisioning in  Judith's book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, a triptych inspired by Nag Hammadi scripture, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind," and  a depiction of  Mary Magdalene.

The Mystical Internet--Thelemic material including Equinox and The Book of the Law.

Astro Dienst--Astrology info in English and German, free charts & interpretations

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