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Psychic Words
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A variety of words are used to describe types of psychic experiences and how psychics get information. I'd like to share my understanding of these words, and give some examples of how I've experienced some of them. The first section is about words used to describe psychic experiences. The second section is about words used to describe psychics themselves.

Psychic Experiences . . .

Clairvoyant  Though some people use this word to mean the same thing as "psychic," it really describes a specific type of psychic experience. The word "clairvoyant" comes from French and means "clear seeing." A person who is clairvoyant receives information in visual images. Some clairvoyants see what looks like a movie about the life of the person they are reading. Other clairvoyants see brief images, more like snapshots. The quality of these images can very from sharp, clear images that last several minutes, to fleeting images with a daydream-like quality. One type of image is not better than another, they are just different. And psychics may experience different types of images at different times. Often these images are symbolic. For example, a clairvoyant may see a red rose and interpret this as love coming to you. Or the symbol can be literal—in this case, perhaps the red rose means you are a gardener. Interpreting the material she is receiving is the most challenging part of the psychic’s job, and it involves intuition, rather than logic.

Here’s an example of clairvoyance from my experience: While reading (without tarot cards) for a client online, I received the image of the person getting into and out of a limousine. When I gave the person this information, he confirmed that he owned a fleet of limousines!

Clairaudient  Clairaudient means "clear hearing." A person who is clairaudient receives information as sounds. These sounds can be words, music, or any other type of sound such as waves breaking, or birds singing, or a person crying.  As with clairvoyance, the reader who receives clairaudient information needs to know how to interpret this information and this knowledge is often received intuitively—that is in a flash of instant insight—rather than deductively or by logically thinking things through.

Here is an example of clairaudience from my experience: During an in-person reading (without tarot cards), I received the word "Pat." What does this mean? I asked spirit. I then heard the word, "Patty-cake." The feeling I was having while receiving this information was NOT good, and I felt that the "pat" was not a person’s name, but more like a slap. I interpreted the words to mean that the person I was reading was involved in a situation of child abuse. The person confirmed this was true, and that his family was in therapy for this problem.

Clairsentient Clairsentient means "clear feeling" or "clear sensing." Part of my interpretation of "Patty-cake" was based on this way of receiving information. While I received the word "pat" in a clairaudient manner, my feeling of the slap was clairsentient. Experiences of clairsentience can be physical or emotional. They can vary from smells to tastes, to pains or cramping, to emotional feelings such as happiness or fear. Often the psychic has more than one feeling at the same time.

Here is another example of clairsentience from my experience: During one online reading, I felt a tightness in my chest along with a feeling of exhaustion. The feeling in my chest progressed from tightness to mild pain. I told the person I thought she was overdoing things and needed to take it easy to avoid chest or lung problems. She confirmed she was a smoker who had been experiencing the symptoms I described while exercising.

You may want to ask: How did you know those weren’t your own pains? That’s a good question! The answer is a combination of intuition and experience. There is usually a slight difference in how the sensation feels between when it is your feeling and when it is someone else’s. Two good clues are first, if it is a feeling I don’t usually have, and second, if it goes away after I give the message to the person I’m reading. In this instance, the alarming symptom of chest pain vanished as soon as I told the person I was reading about it.

Types of Psychics . . .

Intuitive and Psychic  Many people use the word intuitive to mean a person who has "hunches" or "gut feelings," while they use "psychic" to mean a person who can describe your life in uncanny detail and predict the future. Other people use the two words "intuitive" and "psychic" interchangeably.   I believe we all have intuition and we are all psychic.  Just as some people are born with a natural talent for music or art, so some people are born with more of a natural psychic talent.  But just as everyone can learn to play a musical instrument, so everyone who wants to can develop their psychic abilities.  If you’re wondering how, the answer is similar to learning how to play an instrument: Practice.   In the case of psychic development, "practice" usually starts with becoming comfortable with some form of meditation. And meditation usually continues to play an important role for experienced psychics.

For some people, saying they are "intuitive" rather than "psychic" gets away from a fortune teller image they want to avoid. To me psychic and intuitive are two ways of saying the same thing: both words describe a person who is able to receive and give to others information not available using just the rational, logical mind.

Mediums  Some psychics also call themselves Mediums. Though I believe all psychics receive information from a spiritual source, all psychics are not mediums. A medium, as the word implies, acts as a go-between between the concrete, everyday world, and the spirit world. There are two main types of mediums. The first I call psychic medium, the second I call spiritual medium.

The psychic medium works in a light trance state even though when you have a reading with a psychic medium she may seem to you to be in a normal or regular state of consciousness. A psychic medium retains his or her own consciousness and communicates with specific spirits or guides. Some psychic mediums communicate with the spirits of people who have passed on, bringing messages to their friends and relatives. Other mediums communicate with other kinds of spirit forms.

The spiritual medium, sometimes also called a "spiritualist," allows her or his body to be a temporary home for a spirit or spirits. A spiritual medium works in a moderate to deep trance state. When you have a reading with this type of medium, it is usually obvious that the medium is in an altered state of consciousness. The medium’s voice may be different, and he or she may seem to have a different personality.

Channels  Like the word "medium, " the words "channel," "to channel" and "channeling" are used several different ways. They are used by psychics to mean simply bringing information from spirit to you. But they may also be used by psychic mediums to mean bringing information from specific spirits to you. When used by spiritual mediums or spiritualists, channeling means bringing through a specific spiritual energy or personality by allowing the medium’s body to be used as a channel for that energy or personality.

I am neither a psychic medium nor a spiritual medium--that is, I don’t channel specific spiritual entities.  My intention is to work with spirit in using my intuitive or psychic abilities, usually in conjunction with Tarot. My Tarot reading interpretations are usually a combination of the traditional card meanings and information received intuitively.
-Judith Laura

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